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Campus Center 2013

Energy Conserved ~395,788 kWh/year

The Campus Center Building is part of a group of buildings that form a complex that houses a large dining hall, student center, bookstore, food court, coffee shop and large courtyard. Campus Center functions like the town square where students gather for events and meals. They can do business at a bank branch, get a photo id or do a workout between classes at the Warrior Rec Center. (link to news article)

The Campus center has been undergoing several phases of upgrades throughout the year. One of these phases was to construct the Rec Center. To do this Campus center had to increase the capacity of the HVAC system and adjust some exit signage.

A variable speed HVAC with variable speed pump drives and variable speed fan drives, was selected so that the HVAC could be better controlled to match the load at different times of the day/year, thus saving energy.

Major equipment that helped achieved this efficiency are listed below:

  1. Cooling Towers
  2. New Chillers
  3. Variable Frequency Drive Pumps
  4. Variable Frequency Drive Fans
  5. Occupancy Sensors
  6. Exit signs
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