I Am Baba: Musings of Identity & Origins by a 9th Generation Chinese Peranakan

November 12, 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Mānoa Campus, Online Event Add to Calendar

The Babas, otherwise known as the Peranakans, belong to hybrid Chinese communities that have settled across Southeast Asia since at least the 17th century. Their origins are shrouded in myth and misinformation, largely promoted by the Peranakans themselves. This presentation by a 9th generation Peranakan introduces the subject from a personal perspective and through a treasury of photographs.

It will trace Peranakan origins and identity through his family’s 250-year history, from escaping southern China in the 18th century to setting up a new life in the Malay archipelago and to shaping the development of Singapore and Malaysia, shattering the illusion of Ming princesses and fugitive generals, but uncovering perhaps an even more fascinating world of individuals who traversed many cultural spheres - of brave merchants and slave mothers, visionary business and political pioneers, philanthropists and nation builders, as well as bankrupts and murder victims.

Event Sponsor
Matsunaga Institute for Peace, Mānoa Campus

More Information
Jose Barzola, 808-956-6433, uhip@hawaii.edu, https://iambaba.eventbrite.com

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