How to Publish Practice-based Educational Scholarship (SoTL/SoEL)

February 23, 12:00pm - 1:15pm
Mānoa Campus, Manoa Campus, Kuykendall 106 Events Room Add to Calendar

Academics with roles and responsibilities for educational leadership and/or teaching are increasingly required to disseminate research-informed, evidence-based, effective, efficient and strategically aligned curriculum and pedagogical practices in peer-reviewed fora. This interactive seminar/workshop presentation will engage faculty members and academic staff in a dialogue around context-specific educational inquiry (e.g., formulating your practice-based SoTL/SoEL inquiry and aligned research methodology), as well as strategic dissemination considerations in local, regional, and/or international settings like: related grant applications institutional leadership presentations conference submissions educational leadership and teaching award applications book chapter and journal publications and more Presented by Professor Harry Hubball, PhD The University of British Columbia, Canada

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OFDAS Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE), Mānoa Campus

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