Anthropology Colloquium Spring 2023 Series

February 23, 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Mānoa Campus, Crawford 115 Add to Calendar

BURA URA, KENDU WAIYO: THE DYNAMIC LINKS BETWEEN FRESHWATER ECOSYSTEMS AND SOCIAL CHANGE ON SUMBA ISLAND, INDONESIA. The Anthropology Department presents a talk by Cynthia Fowler, Anthropology Chair, Wofford College. Bura Ura, Kendu Waiyo is a presentation about connections between freshwater and society in the semi-arid, monsoonal region of Eastern Indonesia.The talk is based on collaborative work with members of the Kodi ethnolinguistic group who seek to share information with wider audiences about the many cultural and environmental changes they are experiencing as they look for solutions to the multidimensional challenges they face.

Event Sponsor
Anthropologyv, Mānoa Campus

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Marti Kerton, 808-956-7153,,

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