The Datun Julud (Hornbill Dance)

November 14, 12:00pm - 12:15am
Mānoa Campus, Campus Center Courtyard

The Datun Julud (Hornbill Dance) is a traditional women’s dance of Kenyah tribe of Sarawak, Malaysia. It is accompanied by the sounds of the sape, a traditional lute of the Orang Ulu community or "upriver people" of central Borneo. A single dancer, a barefooted woman, usually dances with a fluid motion to emulate a hornbill in flight. The dancer is dressed in an elaborate-designed costume, colorful beads and headdress. To represent the wings of the hornbill, she also holds beautiful fans made out of the feathers representing the hornbill.

This performance is part of MÄ€NOA International Education Week 2017 (MIEW 2017).
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Mānoa International Education Week, Mānoa Campus

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