Interpreting/Translating at the UN: meeting Joe Rogers

January 24, 3:30pm - 5:30pm
Mānoa Campus, Moore 252

This Wednesday the 24th of January the Russian Club will have a special guest: Joe Rogers! He will be coming in to tell all of us (foreign language speakers and learners) of a great opportunity that comes with being bilingual! As a translator and interpreter at the United Nations, Rogers has an exciting and difficult job that we could all consider after our time at university. Come to hear and learn about the UN and all of the opportunities there with tea, cookies, and Mr.Rogers! This is what Mr. Rogers writes about himself in his short bio. I was raised in Germany, France and the US In a US military family. My dad, a military intelligence officer, stressed the importance of Russian to me, so I minored in it in college and then for my MA in Slavic linguistics (Russian, Polish and more). This background helped me to find work in Europe with army intelligence, and after that with the Library of Congress, the CIA, and then with the United Nations,my main career, where I was an English/French /Russian/Spanish interpreter, but Russian was the crucial, less common language which, I understand, got me that exceptional job, in which I traveled the world and met and worked with many world leaders. Since my retirement from the UN, I have been teaching languages and interpreting in several universities and public schools, and often doing volunteer work, as well: I love teaching and sharing my knowledge and experience with others in the hope that this knowledge and support will help them achieve success, just as the support of some wonderful teachers helped me when I was young.

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Russian Department, Mānoa Campus

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