October 4, 12:00pm - 1:15pm
Mānoa Campus, Kuykendall 410

Techniques for Conveying Unusual Personal Experience (Such as Growing Up with Psychics): Readings from Two Short Sections of River Stone Running)

River Stone Running is half essays and half poetry. Most of the essays are objective, but one autobiographical chapter tells my growing up with psychics: the most important part of my life, but so out-of-the-norm that I’ve mostly kept quiet about it. A mosaic of vivid anecdotes, skeptics’ voices, philosophical speculations, humor, and astonishment is my best answer to the dilemma of wanting to share a beautiful mango to which everyone seems allergic.

The poetry series “Buddha Footprints in Stone” tries to convey one aspect of the life of our wonderful colleague Alan MacGregor: his effect on a whole group of friends during his illness. The telling here proceeds by describing actual carved Buddha footprints in Asia—stone, color, symbols, rituals—and watching as the metaphors for the life somehow spring up out of the physical detail.

KATHY PHILLIPS was a professor for many years in the English Department, U.H. During her tenure, she published five books with established presses (her "respectables"), and, after retiring, she published six more books via CreateSpace. She appears to be irrepressible.

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