Silicon Valley’s China Paradox

October 9, 11:00am - 1:00pm
Mānoa Campus, John A. Burns Hall, Room 3121, 1601 East-West Road

Please join us for China Town Hall 2018 featuring

Matt Sheehan, Fellow, Paulson Institute speaking on "Silicon Valley’s China Paradox"

China Town Hall provides Americans with the opportunity to discuss issues in the US-China relationship with leading experts. The 12th annual event will happen in over 100 venues in the US and China. The Honolulu town hall at the East-West Center will feature a live talk by Matt Sheehan at 11 am followed at 12 noon by a webcast presentation by Condoleezza Rice, former US secretary of state and national security advisor.

How do the world’s two premier information technology ecosystems – Silicon Valley and China – compete and cooperate? Since China’s first Internet connections in the 1990s, the relationship between China and Silicon Valley has moved through three phases—dependence, competition, and synergy – and is now entering a new one: a “tech cold war.” In this talk, Sheehan will trace the relationship’s history through the key companies and people involved, drawing lessons for future trends in frontier technologies such as artificial intelligence.

At the Paulson Institute Matt Sheehan studies technology ties between China and California. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, he lived in China for over five years and was the first China correspondent for the Huffington Post. Recently, he worked with artificial intelligence expert and former executive at Apple, Google and Microsoft, Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, on the book AI Superpowers, about AI competition between China and Silicon Valley, a topic he’s now exploring in a new interactive website for the Paulson Institute. His forthcoming book, Chinafornia, is about relations between China and California.

Light lunch will be served

This event is cosponsored by the National Committee on US-China Relations (NCUCR)

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East-West Center, Mānoa Campus

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