The Barry & Virginia Weinman Symposium 2018

November 30, 8:00am - 5:00pm
Mānoa Campus, University of Hawai'i Cancer Center 701 Ilalo Street

The focus of the 10th Annual Weinman Symposium is on cancer syndromes. Cancer syndromes are genetic disorders in which inherited genetic mutations in one or more genes predispose individuals to the development of cancers.

This two-day conference features experts in genetic syndromes from around the world, along with scientists and physicians at the University of Hawai'i Cancer Center.

The 2018 Weinman Award will be awarded to Webster K. Cavenee, Ph.D. Dr. Cavenee has fundamentally changed the way scientists now think about the onset and progression of cancer. He discovered the existence of tumor suppressor genes in many human cancers.

Dr. Cavenee and his team have also pioneered understanding the genetic basis for glioblastoma, the most lethal and common brain tumor, developed therapies that target these lesions, and uncovered several mechanisms of resistance.

The meetings are free and open to the public.

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University of Hawaii Cancer Center, Mānoa Campus

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