Childhood in/as History and Story: Workshop in Russian Studies

March 15, 9:45am - 4:30pm
Mānoa Campus, Imin International Conference Center, Kamehameha Room, 1777 East-West Road

This workshop examining childhood as a philosophical, literary, and visual category will become a result of an ongoing collaboration within the multidisciplinary working group on the cultures of childhood, which sustains a discussion of the issues pertaining to Russian and Soviet childhood at the intersection of literary criticism, film/visual studies, and history.

For the ultimate purpose of defining the multimedial “childhood text,” the workshop participants will tackle issues of happiness and trauma associated with childhood, as well as fluidity and instability of this category; we will discuss motivations behind writing about childhood as attempts at finding one’s own identity, reinventing oneself, or creating an auto-biographical counter-narrative to official history; we will also examine practices of reading childhood: as nostalgic text, as historic evidence, and as historic mythology.

Event Sponsor
LLEA - Russian Program, Mānoa Campus

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