CIS 720 Seminar- A talk on how to get approval for research projects from the Human Studies Program at UH

Please join us Monday Feb 11, 4:30-5:30 in Hamilton Library 3F, for a panel discussion by CIS PhD students Joanne Loos, Kelly Holden and Julie Motooka.  Panelists will share their experiences on getting approval for their research projects from the Human Studies Program at UH.
IRB Experiences Panel

Joanne Loos: I am interested in researching information technology and health communication. My most recent work focuses on the influence of wearable health monitors on patients and physicians in a Filipino community. I teach two courses for the School of Communications (Introduction to Communication and IT and Health Communication). I also work as a freelance journalist, with a weekly column in the Hawaii Renovation section of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s Sunday paper.

Kelly Holden: My research interests surround individual and group engagement and what impacts engagement. My recent work focuses on the impact Employer Wellness Programs have on an individual’s own health engagement. My background is primarily in healthcare marketing and communications.  I teach a variety of marketing and business classes for the Business school including:(undergraduate) Marketing Research, Business Statistics, Customer Relationship Management, and (graduate) Global Brand Management. I also work as the Market Research Director for Omnitrak Research Group.

Julie Motooka: My research interests are in serendipity, information search behavior, HCI, and social networks. I am an Instructional & Student Support Specialist in the UHM History Department.