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General Information on Career Pathways

What are Career Pathways?

Career Pathways are broad groupings of career specialties/occupations that have common skills and knowledge. Career Pathways provide a context for exploring career options at all levels of education and a framework for linking learning to the skills and knowledge needed for future success. Hawaii has six (6) career pathways. Below are links directly to the State of Hawaii Department of Education website and a general overview of Career Pathways.


Six Career Pathways

  • Arts and Communication

    Develop an analytical eye for the art and media that infuses the world. The Arts and Communication Pathway focuses on connecting formal structures of artistic expression to audience perspectives in careers spanning fashion and technology; media arts and technologies; and the visual, performing, and written arts.


  • Business

    Why answer to the chief executive officer, when you can be one? Business is the foundation for all industries. The diversity of skills and concepts such as technology, finance, customer service, marketing, organizational behavior, and management learned in the Business Pathway applies to careers in all of the pathways.


  • Health Services

    Make a difference in people’s lives through diagnostic and clinical health work, biotechnology medical research, and health and nutrition services. Learn medical terminology, the functions of the body systems, and the treatment and prevention of diseases and disorders in the Health Services Pathway.


  • Industrial and Engineering Technology

    Interested in designing, engineering, developing, and building solutions to address society’s problems and needs? Solve problems, connect people and places, and make the world run in the diverse career opportunities available in the Industrial and Engineering Technology Pathway.


  • Natural Resources

    Feed, clothe, and shelter humankind through occupations that cultivate, use, analyze, manage, and sustain natural resources. The Natural Resources Pathway offers opportunities to make the best use of earth’s natural resources to meet the basic needs of the world’s population.


  • Public and Human Resources

    Have a knack for working with people? Enjoy collaboration and teamwork? Consider the broad array of options in the Public and Human Services Pathway with career opportunities in culinary and hotel operations, education, legal and protective services, social sciences, and human services.