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Information Technology Services

University of Hawaii System

Servers, Data Center & Storage Services

ITS offers a set of “for fee” infrastructure services to support the needs of departments and researchers across all of the UH campuses. These services are:

Virtual Servers
Many departments and research teams have the need to operate servers to run their software. The ITS virtual server service provides these groups a fully functioning server for the fraction of the cost of purchasing and operating a physical server.

This service leverages the exact same infrastructure that is used by ITS to run the University’s largest and most complicated enterprise systems, so users will find that the system performs as well or better than equipment they may operate themselves.
Click here for pricing and information on the ITS virtual server service.

Data Center Colocation
ITS maintains two enterprise-quality data centers on the Manoa campus. ITS’ colocation service allows departments, individuals or teams to house their computing equipment in one of these data centers. The benefits include the physical security, reliable power and efficient cooling that these data centers provide.
Click here for pricing and information on the ITS colocation service.