About this Service

“Co­-Location” is an ITS service that allows departments and researchers at the University of Hawaii to locate and operate their computing hardware inside professionally maintained data centers on the Manoa campus.

Customer equipment will be housed at the Information Technology Center Data Center. This is a state of the art facility with advanced power, cooling and disaster avoidance features. Customers can pay for their own stand-alone cabinet, or can save money by only paying for the exact space (in rack units) that their equipment uses.

Service Benefits

Customers of this service can expect these benefits:

  • Reliable power and cooling will increase the uptime of your equipment
  • Physically secure facilities will better protect your computing equipment from theft, vandalism and accidental damage
  • Moving equipment out of your local offices frees up space for your other priorities
  • Efficient power and cooling reduces UH’s use of natural resources and overall expenses
  • The environmentally hardened IT Center Data Center can reduce the risk of your equipment being damaged or unavailable due to natural disasters

Service Level Agreement

The Service Level Agreement for this service describes the service in more details.


ITC Data Center … $125 per year per rack unit or $3700 per year per cabinet

Racks are 40 rack units in size. The usable capacity of each cabinet will be dictated in part by the power, cooling and network requirements within the cabinet. See the service level agreement below for more details.

ITS will provide technical assistance on an ongoing basis for no fee.


Co-Location services can be requested by logging into the UH ITSM web portal and referring to Ask Us 1824.

If you have any questions about this service, please send email to or call us at (808) 956-0135.