The Guam Open Research and Education eXchange (“GOREX”) will leverage the strategic geographic location of Guam and the major new fiber optic systems landing there by establishing an open R&E exchange to inter‐connect the existing, funded and planned high capacity R&E trans‐Pacific circuits in a planned manner. Specific purposes are to improve Pacific‐wide transport diversity and resilience in support of global R&E networks and facilitate greater access to global R&E networks by Pacific Island nations and communities, including Guam itself, by leveraging the multiple regional fiber systems that terminate on Guam. The overarching goal is to promote increased growth and effectiveness of data‐intensive and highly collaborative research and education activities engaging the Asia‐Pacific region with the global R&E community.

Please visit the GOREX web site for much more information.


Router Proxy

A public router proxy has been created in order to help troubleshoot the GOREX network. It allows one to send particular (non-privileged) commands to the routers to view such things as interface configuration and errors. It will also allow pings and traceroutes to particular IP addresses.

Visit the GOREX Public Router Proxy.