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e-Portfolio: Four Great Reasons!

Getting yourself online has many benefits. Included here are four great reasons why you having an e-porfolio is so important:

  1. Having a web site gives you credibility. It says that you can create your own web site and that you know how to disseminate information to the Internet.

  2. A web site gives prospective employers access to information about you 24-hours a day. They can learn more about you and your work virtually anytime and anywhere.

  3. Publishing your web site shows that you are up-to-date and current with technology.

  4. A web site also increases your exposure to the field of library and information science and other professionals in the field.

The important thing to remember is that people use information in really interesting ways. The Web is just one remarkable and instant way to do this. The future of the Internet has just begun and the "new new thing" is already happening.

The Web's ability to connect people with things they are interested in is so powerful. Learn to harness that power and empower yourselves.

Download the WebTeam ePortfolio handout! Right-click HERE and "save as" to get the PDF file.

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