New University of Hawaiʻi Maui College Chancellor Lui Hokoana, who officially started on December 1, 2014, discusses his top three priorities.

Hokoana discusses Ka Hikina O Ka Lā —a specialized program at UH Maui College that provides a learning environment that integrates Native Hawaiian cultural knowledge and practices into modern scientific technology and instruction.

Hokoana explains why being chancellor of UH Maui College is his dream job.

Lui Hokoana

UH Maui College Chancellor Lui Hokoana

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  1. 12.1.14 When I changed Major, the Fin. Office denieid my Salle-Mae
    Stanford Loan and scholership that was granted me. What does changeing ones Major have to do with an Loan approval? My G.P.A. is fine,and I
    changed back to my Lib. Arts Major. I submitted a waiver form to vice-
    Chanceler,with no replie as to my Loan and scholership. I should have gotten that Loan in Sept. why hasw it been held up? Now,again, denied
    for what reason? Im in College, with valild G.P.A. what does loan request have to do with changeing Majors? Why has it taken all semester
    to grant me my loan, only to have it denied in Nov. when I am in emergencey sitituation, in Lava zone and I have been trying tpo m,ive intpo Hilo area and have been limited due to Loan not grantaed in timeley fasion. My allegation is that the Fin. Office has deliberley denied my Loans for two semesters now, and this is based on Discrimantion. I still do not have my Loan or scholership given me ths semester.

    1. Have you followed up personally on your letter to the VC and the Financial Aid office? Have you asked student government to intervene on your behalf? Changing majors constantly or not designating one initially can show that you are not committed to completing college and the financial office may view you as a risk, thus denying the loan until you firm up your academic path. There are a multitude of reasons why they may deny it, but please follow up with the VCSA, Financial Aid office, and student government.

  2. Chancellor Hokoana has what it takes to be a listener, a leader, and a person who “gives back.” As a senior in the university teaching system, we appreciate those who follow us with his kind of dedication. I look forward to hearing more about Maui College’s new champion.

  3. I hope that the new UH Maui College Chancellor will make it his tippity top priority to convert the old UHMC chancellor’s offices in Kupa’a building 201 & 202 back into active classrooms.
    The history of how these two vital teaching spaces were usurped dates back to a Pilina building construction project that uprooted the former Maui Community College administration. Once that construction period ended the old chancellor never moved out of his lavishly converted classrooms located in Kupa’a building 201 & 202.
    The UHMC chancellor’s offices are designed to be in the beautifully renovated Pilina building which houses the UHMC administration.
    Kupa’a building 201 & 202 would be better utilized for students to take classes. Those two classrooms were designed for hundreds of students to take classes all day; every day.
    Those two classrooms were never designed for one administrator to enjoy the best ocean view on campus.
    I hope Chancellor Lui Hokoana takes this friendly suggestion to heart.
    Please, Chancellor Lui Hokoana, do not move yourself into UH Maui College Kupa’a building 201 & 202.
    Doing so would send the wrong message.
    Your UHMC administrative offices belong in Pilina building….
    …or, even better, do like King Charlemagne; conduct business under a tree!

  4. Congratulations To Dr. Lui. I had the opportunity to meet and speak with Dr Lui Hokoana several years ago. That meeting has continued to inspire me. As a current student of UH Hilo and a graduate from HawCC I feel confident he will be an excellent Chancellor.

  5. I am a physicist who will meet Chancellor Hokoana for the first time on January 20, 2015. I offer a wealth of new science to The University of Hawaii Maui College from my recent advancements in gravity physics. I hope the Chancellor will decide to stand beside me as my new continuum physic is announced to the world this month…

    Agenda from Alan Folmsbee, Physicist

    For University of Hawai’i, Maui College Chancellor Hokoana

    Unambitious Agenda for Us

    Assign a Mathematician to Co-Author Six Page Paper: “Formula Derivation for Gravitational and Inertial Forces on Particles”. Co-Author a Book For Univ. Hawaii Press: Continuum Calculus for Astrophysics 150 pages

    Expedite Publication of the Existing One Page Paper by Folmsbee:
    “Formula for Gravitational and Inertial Forces on Quantum Particles”.
    This is the most important physics paper in decades.

    Lecture University students about Continuum Astrophysics. All islands can have lectures and Folmsbee will be paid. Video recordings can be re-played to educate the world about Maui science.

    Become a PhD candidate graduate student with all fees paid. My affiliation will bring prestige to Univ. Hawaii as my new physic is spread rapidly to become mainstream during 2016. I have already obsoleted the kilogram. The “Formula” paper of 1/12/15 has revolutionized gravity, mass, and inertia physical modeling.

    Ambitious Possibilities for Us : UH and AF

    Endowed Research Chair in Theoretical Physics At Univ. Hawaii.

    Joint Venture UH with Fusion Continuum unincorporated to develop Fusion Energy experimental apparatus designs. We also would license our patented continuum calculation software for fusion ignition so other institutions can benefit from the revolutionary Folmsbee Gravity Theory.

    Joint Venture UH with Inertial Harvester unincorporated to monetize torque from windmills. The Battery of Gravity will use windmills that do not generate electricity, they store Torque in the Battery directly as the potential energy of iron lifted to a high place.

    1. Aloha Mr. Folmsbee,
      I hope your meeting went well. My son, a junior at a private school here on Maui is very interested in pursuing an education & career in astrophysics. In the interest of economics, we are steering him to launch his college education here at UH Maui. What’s your thoughts related to the educational opportunities that are accessible to him at UH Maui? And, are you in a position that could provide him with an internship or shadowing experience to gain exposure to this field & career aspiration? Also, can you provide comment on employment prospects here on Maui or the state of Hawaii. Appreciate your response, mahalo nui.

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