UH President Stresses Commitment To Core Values After U.S. Election

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University of Hawaiʻi President David Lassner shared a message on November 15 to students, faculty and staff of the UH campuses.

To our UH System ʻohana:

Many within our statewide UH community are concerned and disturbed after last week’s national election and uncertain over the directions our nation may take. It is at times like these that we need to remember and recommit to our core values.

We will not permit intolerance or harassment based on race, religion, immigration status, national origin, gender, LGBTQ+ status or disability. We take pride in being our nation’s most diverse university. We stand for aloha.

If you encounter intimidation or harassment around you, please report it to your campus authorities. If you feel threatened or experience difficulty coping, request help from your campus support staff or other qualified professionals. I’ll be working across the system to identify and communicate how we can better support those who may need assistance on our campuses.

This election revealed stark divisions among peoples’ views of problems and solutions. Now is a time for us to listen to one another. We achieve mutual understanding through the thoughtful and respectful exchange of viewpoints. We stand for free speech and free expression.

Many have expressed frustrations over the uneven impact of the economic recovery. But fewer seem to recognize that higher education is the single most important solution to equipping those who have been left behind. We stand for accessibility and excellence in higher education.

Our work is the foundation of a more positive, safe and successful future for our students, our communities and our planet. We will achieve success through our steadfast commitment to our core values and our support of one another.

David Lassner

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  1. This should read …U.H. President Lassner goes on anti – Trump tirade.
    Stop censoring comments – it’s un-American.

    1. Your comments are in violation of our policy, which reads in part:

      We accept comments posted in the tradition of academic freedom and spirit of aloha.
      Comments are moderated — profanity, name-calling or sexual content are not appropriate.
      Comments that are slanderous or libelous in nature will not be posted.


      1. The comments policy from the President’s office seem alot like censorship masked as civility.

        1. It is the UH News comment policy, not the Office of the President. It exists in part to avoid hostility masked as debate.

          1. Some tyrannical public policies like stacking the University faculty with leftist ideologues and robbing young minds of a truly liberal education – merit anger and contempt.

  2. I found a couple of Trump voters at UH Hilo. Where can I refer them for mental health counseling? I feel threatened by their presence on campus.

    1. JK Smith …I’m hoping this is very dry humor…the sort you’d find in the New Yorker. If not…my advice is to batten down the hatches and close the airport in Hilo…

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