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Managing Course Tabs - show, hide, and change the order of course sites:
When any user (faculty/student/member) logs into Laulima their courses in their account will be displayed as tabs across the top of the screen in a blue bar. Each user can choose to hide sites (course sites from previous semesters) or reorder them (choose which sites to display in tabs).

1. To manage your course tabs log into Laulima (https://laulima.hawaii.edu). From inside your "My Workspace" click the "Preferences" link listed on the left.


2. The box on the left lists sites that are visible (Active Sites) and the box on the right shows those that are NOT visible (Hidden Sites).

To hide a site: Highlight the site title(s) in the left box and click the right arrow button. This will move the site(s) to the My Hidden Sites box.

To UN-hide a site: Highlight the site title(s) in the right box and click the left arrow button to move the site(s) from the My Hidden Sites to the My Active Sites box.

To reorder a site: Highlight the site title in the left-hand box and click the UP or DOWN arrow buttons to move the site to its desired position. The first sites listed will appear in the blue tabs at the top of your Laulima account.

To change the amount of tabs that appear in the blue navigation bar, click the drop-down menu next to "Tabs displayed:" and select the amount of desired tabs. Max allowed, 20 tabs.

Remember to click the "Update Preferences" button when done. To see the changes to your tabs you will need to refresh the page.


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