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Laulima Faculty Tutorials

Sending Mail via the Mailtool

The Mailtool allows you to send an email to an individual, some participants or all the participants in a site. Please note that the Mailtool is not an email client so there is no record kept of the message you sent (no inbox or sent box, etc).

Sending an Email
Although the Mailtool is a tool that is put in default in a site, it can be deleted from the tool list or renamed. If the tool is in the course, click on it on the tool s name in the tool list.

Click on Mailtool in the tool list
Click on the Mailtool in the tool list

You will see the Mailtool interface. It is similar to many email-type software. You will see a "To" area to select who you want to send the mail to (more on this below); a subject line area (which you must fill out); and a text box with formatting options to type your message.

Mailtool interface
The Mailtool interface

First you need to select who you want to send the message to. You will see four options, "Roles" (eg. Instructors, Students, TAs or Maintain and Access); "Sections" (if your site has sections); "Groups" (if groups are set up in the site); and "Add Other Recipients" (you can type in email addresses with this option).

The most common case is to select the "Roles" link. Click this and you will see seperate subcategories. If you want to email the whole subcategory (eg. email all Students), you can check the checkbox next to that category here.

Select who to send to, in this case Roles
Select who you want to send mail to.

If you want to select an individual or multiple (but not all) individuals from a subcategory, click the name of the subcatgory name and you will see a list of who you can send to from that subcategory. You can then check the boxes next to those names. Don t check the box next to the subcategory and try to uncheck individuals from there.

Click the name of the subcategory if you want to select individual(s)
Click the name of the subcategory if you want to choose individual(s).

Once you have who you want to send the message to, enter a title for the message (otherwise you will get an error) and the message text. You can add attachments as well by clicking on the "Attach a file" link below the title field.

You might consider also checking the box to send a copy of the email to yourself. Remember there is no sent box, so if you want a copy this is the way to get one.

After you are done, click the "Send Mail" button.

Enter a title, message and click to send
Enter a Subject title, the message body, (check to send yourself a copy if you want one), then click "Send Mail".

After you click to send you will see a note of who your email was sent to.

List of who the mail was sent to is displayed
List of who the message was sent to is displayed

That s it, your message should go to the recipents  email accounts and your own if you sent yourself a copy.

You can now click on another tool to exit Mailtool or click on the "Compose" link to start a new message.

Side note:
As mentioned above, if you do not put a subject/title in the Subject field of the email message, you will get an (non-specific) error. The message will not be sent.

Send email error message
Send email error message.