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The University of Hawaiʻi offers a variety of scholarship opportunities to students attending any of the ten UH campuses. Scholarships available include need and merit-based awards, scholarships based on specific majors, preference for geographic location, campus and other unique criteria. Within the UH System, students can apply for UH System Scholarships, campus scholarships, as well as scholarships that vary by campus department. Since campuses vary, students are encouraged to begin by looking at their home campus financial aid office website for more information.

Log into STAR for UH Mānoa specific scholarships.

For information regarding other campus-specific scholarships, please contact the appropriate campus financial aid office.

See tuition information by campus.

UH System Common Scholarship Application

The UH System Common Scholarship Application is one way students can apply for multiple system and campus scholarships at the same time. This application is used for students interested in applying for:

  • UH System Scholarships (Awarded by the UH System Financial Aid Office)
  • Campus-specific scholarships (excluding UH Mānoa scholarships administered by department or the UH Mānoa Financial Aid Office)
  • UH Community Colleges Scholarships (available through the Office of the Vice President for Community Colleges)

UH System Scholarships are scholarships awarded by our UH System Office, and can usually be used at different UH campuses.

To determine what application(s) you need to complete, click on your campus above.

To complete the UH System Common Scholarship Application, click “How to Apply” for more information.

To complete the UH System Common Scholarship Application, click “How to Apply” for more information.

The UH System Common Scholarship Application is also the primary application used by all of our UH campuses (with the exception of UH Mānoa which uses multiple applications). Many of the scholarships available through the UH System Common Scholarship Application are funds available through the University of Hawaiʻi Foundation. The University of Hawaiʻi Foundation awards about $5 million annually from various private and corporate donations.

Each UH campus has a broad pool of funds for student financial awards. To help balance donor preferences and legal requirements regarding scholarships, a pool and match method of managing scholarships is utilized via a common scholarship application platform. UH selects recipients for the majority of awards based on neutral criteria such as merit and financial need. In rare cases where funding was given to UH with specific restrictions, the institution will honor those restrictions to the extent allowed by law. This approach using a common scholarship application system ensures that UH awards scholarships in a manner that does not result in an advantage or disadvantage to a recipient because of his or her race, color, national origin, ethnicity, or gender.

More UH Scholarships

The additional scholarships below may require separate applications. Please click on each for more information.

Hawaiʻi Promise Scholarship

Hawaiʻi Promise Scholarship is a need-based scholarship program designed to make college affordable to all qualified Hawaiʻi students. The program provides financial assistance to help meet the direct educational costs of University of Hawaiʻi Community College students who are enrolled at least half time in an eligible academic program. The “last dollar” scholarship is based on FAFSA-determined criteria and is applied after all other grants and scholarships have been awarded. It helps fill the financial gap for the direct educational costs of qualified students. Students may be eligible up to the amount of the total cost of UH direct costs including tuition, fees, books, supplies and a standard transportation allowance.

More information about Hawaiʻi Promise

State of Hawaiʻi B Plus Scholarship

The State of Hawaiʻi B Plus Scholarship is for Hawaiʻi residents who graduated from a high school after 2005, has at least a 3.0 high school grade point average, has completed a rigorous high school curriculum and demonstrates financial need.

Please visit the Scholarships section of your campus Financial Aid Office website for more information on how to apply. For students who will be submitting the UH System Common Scholarship application, please note that you will need to upload your high school transcript (unofficial is acceptable).

Regents and Presidential Scholarship

The Board of Regents established the Regents and Presidential Scholarships to support Hawaiʻi students with a record of outstanding academic achievement. Regents Scholarships are awarded to 20 outstanding freshmen and Presidential Scholarships are awarded to incoming juniors. Visit the Regents and Presidential Scholars page for more information and how to apply.

UH Manoa Provost Achievement Scholarship

Scholarships will be awarded by the Office of Admissions to high-achieving Hawaiʻi high school graduates. To be considered, students must meet the priority deadline for fall admission, the scholarship requirements, and be accepted to UH Mānoa. Visit the UH Mānoa Scholarship website for more information.

UH Hilo Chancellor's Scholarships

The UH Hilo campus offers a competitive Chancellor’s Scholarship, which covers full tuition for four years. Factors considered include academic scholarship, leadership experience and potential, community service and financial need. Visit the UH Hilo Chancellor’s Scholarship website for more information.

UH West Oahu Chancellor's Scholarship

The University of Hawaiʻi–West Oʻahu offers a competitive full tuition award acknowledging academic achievement, leadership, and community service. Visit the UH West Oʻahu scholarship website for more information.

The Second Century Scholarship

The Second Century Scholarship is a need-based grant provided to Native Hawaiian students who demonstrate financial need. This scholarship is available to students across the UH System. The amount awarded will depend on the student’s financial need and funds available. To be eligible, Native Hawaiian students need only apply for financial aid through their campus financial aid offices. All regular aid deadlines apply.

Lahainaluna High School Scholarship

In September 2023, President Lassner announced that the University of Hawaiʻi is offering scholarships to Lahainaluna High School (LHS) Class of 2024 seniors to attend any of UH’s 10 campuses. Visit Lahainaluna Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


Check out the UH Scholarship FAQ or email the UH System Scholarship Office at

Last modified: December 11, 2023
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