Hanauma Bay Thursday seminar series

November 5, 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Mānoa Campus, Hanauma Bay (virtual) Add to Calendar

Are you interested in learning more about Hawaii's native ecosystem? The importance of Waikiki? Beach to Hawaii's economy? How about if pollutants from human activity on land impact the coastal ecosystem and public health? If so, you should tune in this Thursday to hear about the cutting-edge research happening right now across the university directly from the graduate students who are making these discoveries. Also, mark your calendars for each Thursday in November, through December 10th, to hear from Hawaii Sea Grant graduate fellows as they present their fascinating research.

1. “Do Hawaiian microbes eat their Leafy Greens?” presented by Becca Lensing, Marine Biology Dept.

2. "What's a beach day worth? Economic valuation of Waikiki Beach.” presented by Marcus Peng, Geography and Environment Dept.

3. “Ai ia e ka ia, ai ia e ke kanaka: Transfer of pollutants by fish” presented by Honour Booth, Chemistry Dept.

Event Sponsor
Sea Grant College Program, Mānoa Campus

More Information
(808) 397-5840, hbaynews@hawaii.edu, https://seagrant.soest.hawaii.edu/hanauma-talks-seminar-and-hbep-event-calendar/

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