Forces of Vulnerability in Postwar Korean Photography

November 6, 3:00pm - 4:30pm
Mānoa Campus, Center for Korean Studies

Art historian Joan Kee of the University of Michigan will present a lecture on developments in Korean photography in the postwar era. The practice of photography in postwar Korea was shaped around the twinning of economic development with state-promoted “tradition,” through images produced through photojournalism as well as for those tapped for inclusion in the annual government art salon, the Kukjŏn. This lecture will discuss a critical mass of photographers who came of professional age in the 1960s and sought to open a different kind of space, one requiring a deeper and more singular investment from audiences than mere acknowledgment or even sympathy. Concentrating on the photographs of Jun Min-cho, Yook Myung-shim, and Joo Myung-duk, Kee will consider the pursuit of vulnerability as an alternative means of development beyond that endorsed by political and cultural elites looking to humanize the state’s relentless push for material progress.

Event Sponsor
Center for Korean Studies and Department of Art and Art History, Mānoa Campus

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