Publishing or Perish: Playing the Publishing Game for Tenure Track

November 2, 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Mānoa Campus, Wist Hall 129

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Refreshments and drinks will be provided

DESCRIPTION: Only a minority of PhD students become professors, whether they are native or non-native English speakers. Many leave academia or become part-time instructors of undergraduate and Masters courses due to lack of a publishing record. So, if you want to be a tenure-track professor after graduation, the question is: Can you publish about three articles in international journals (ones that are/will be cited by many other scholars in your field in their own articles!) by the time you finish your PhD? This workshop is an intro to the game that your supervisor should be helping you get good at.

The workshop will provide useful tips for the following practical scholar skills:
o Identifying the top and mid-range journals in your field and submitting different kinds of papers to them, balancing quantity and quality
o Finding the 50-70 references for an article, and ensuring that they’re the “right” ones to show editors and reviewers you are an “insider” in the field
o Making sure your data catches their eye, even with the limited resources of a PhD student
o Getting familiar with how a journal’s electronic submission process works
o Corresponding with the editor and peer reviewers through looooong letters copy & pasted/uploaded to the submission system (samples will be provided)

o If you are currently doing research (e.g., a graduating project) bring a proposal which summarizes relevant literature and data collection methods.
o Optional reading:

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UHM SEED IDEAS and College of Education Office of Student Academic Services, Mānoa Campus

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Wendan Li, (808) 956-7915,, Enter Title Here (PDF)

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