WRRC/‘Ike Wai Seminar: Dr. Sagy Cohen

November 13, 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Mānoa Campus, HIG 210

"Riverine Research Across Scales: From Global Scale Sediment Modeling to Event Scale Flood Analysis" by Dr. Sagy Cohen

Two research themes from the Surface Dynamics Modeling Lab will be highlighted: global-scale riverine modeling and flood mapping and analysis. Global river modeling focuses on studying water, sediment and nutrient fluxes, and their response to anthropogenic and environmental drivers. A short description of the WBMsed global-scale hydro-geomorphic modeling framework will be followed by an overview of several studies—including analyses of the contribution of tropical cyclones to global fluvial water and sediment fluxes, the impacts of future climate and socioeconomic projections on sediment flux to major river deltas, and anthropogenic impacts on sediment flux in large global rivers. Flood-related research will be briefly described with a focus on the development of the US Flood Inundation Map Repository (USFIMR) and the Floodwater Depth Estimation Tool (FwDET). Both the USFIMR and FwDET are linked to the operational flood response at the NOAA National Water Center and the Global Flood Partnership.

Event Sponsor
Water Resources Research Center/‘Ike Wai, Mānoa Campus

More Information
Niels Grobbe, (808) 956-5857, ngrobbe@hawaii.edu

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