PONO Talks: Sust-'āina-bility through Non-Conventional Methods

April 12, 3:00pm - 5:30pm
Mānoa Campus, Biomed 103

Organizations such as NOAA Fisheries and Mālama nā Honu will discuss some of the problems they have been facing and then members of PONO, the Protection of Ocean and Nature Organization, will present how we are tackling some of those issues, highlighting some of our studentsʻ work. For a little background about us, we as an organization strive to work across interdisciplinary fields within the borders the University of Hawaiʻi to have a positive influence on those beyond it, particularly by critically examining the stories we live by and reshape them from harmful ones to helpful ones, in an effort to protect our environment, creating our own new stories, to further improve our ecological systems, and demonstrating that language can be a powerful force for change, in both environmental protection and in larger society.

We do volunteer project work with students at the university, and some of our current and past projects include working with NOAA to change signage at a popular turtle-sighting beach, providing translations for Muroto Haiko Aquarium in Japan, and creating teaching material for teachers to help promote ecological awareness in the second-language classroom. We strive to get students in many different fields to find ways to apply their knowledge to ecological conservation, in addition to using real-world skills outside of the university.

The event will also be catered.

Event Sponsor
N/A, Mānoa Campus

More Information
Maiko Ikeda, (808) 368-5381, contact.ponohawaii@gmail.com, http://www.ponohawaii.org

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