Bringing the World Together: Supporting Third Culture Kids in Higher Education

November 19, 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Mānoa Campus, Zoom

Presented by Eve Millet from the Manoa Advising Center.

In this changing world, globalization has become prominent. With globalization comes much migration, with many people living and working internationally. These people often have children that they bring with them to live abroad. These children have been termed Third Culture Kids. Third Culture Kids (TCKs) are adolescents that have spent a considerable amount of time living internationally outside of their home nation. Many TCKs first return to their home nation to attend college. TCKs are often considered invisible immigrants, as their only connection to their home nation may be their passport. In this session participants will learn about TCKs, the TCK experience in higher education, advising models/practices that best support TCKs, impact of COVID19 on TCKs, and participate in case studies.

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Manoa International Education Week Committee, Mānoa Campus

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