Living with the Mongols: The First Half Century (1259-1313)

April 20, 3:00pm - 4:30pm
Mānoa Campus, Center for Korean Studies

The Center for Korean Studies is pleased to present, “Special Lecture: Living With the Mongols: The First Half Century” on April 20, 2023, from 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm by Dr. Edward J. Shultz at the Center for Korean Studies Auditorium. Abstract: In 1260 Koryŏ formally surrendered to the Mongols, agreeing to leave their island capital on Kanghwa, and return to their earlier capital in Kaegyŏng. This study examines Koryŏ during the reigns of kings Wŏnjong (1259 to 1274), Ch’ungnyŏl (1274 to 1308), and Ch’ungsŏn (1308-1313), a period of 54 years. It seeks to understand how the Koryŏ kings and the people of Koryŏ lived with these new Mongol overlords. Did they adapt, accommodate, or merely survive? What changes occurred in Koryŏ over this half century period? This Mongol experience cannot help but bring to mind other times when foreign rulers occupied Korea such as the Japanese from 1905 to 1945 or briefly by the Americans from 1945 to 1948. Now in the 21st century we are witnessing the Ukrainian people and government attempting to survive overwhelming Russian aggression. Does the Koryŏ experience provide a better perspective on these 20th and 21st century events?

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Center for Korean Studies, Mānoa Campus

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