CIS 720 Seminar-“Developing a dissertation proposal” panel discussion

“Developing a dissertation proposal” panel discussion
Terence, Stacia, and Yinan will lead a discussion on the ins and outs of completing a successful dissertation proposal on Monday, March 4 at 4:30-5:30 p.m. in Hamilton Library 3F.  If you’ve already passed your proposal, please come anyway and share your experiences! Afterwards, join us for a First Monday social at Ba-Le. 
The panel will cover topics such as:
The process: when to do what, how your publishable paper fits in, adviser & committee selection, what to do if you’re stuck
Nuts & bolts: what actually goes into a proposal
Lit review: where to find it, how to keep track of it (bibliographic management tools), knowing what to cut
Methods: how to figure out which are the “right” ones for you
Resources: grad division style guide, successful CIS dissertations, peer support groups
Rules: CIS policies, timelines, Grad Division forms, etc.
If there’s anything else you’d find helpful to add to the discussion, please email Stacia at by Sunday.
Proposal panel participants
Terence Lionel Rose, a 7th year doctoral candidate in the CIS program, is ABD. The title of his dissertation is, “The Design, Development, and Deployment of the National Library Service’s Digital Talking Book Program as a Socio-Technical Process.” Terence hopes to complete and defend his dissertation in spring 2020. After working four years a reference assistant for the Business, Humanities and Social Sciences Department at Hamilton Library, he is now working as a librarian for the Hawaii State Public Library System’s Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped in Waikiki.
Stacia Garlach is also a 7th-year CIS student. She defended her proposal on “Usability of preference-setting tools for online behavioral advertising: Mobile AdChoices and Facebook Ad Preferences” last November. Her research explores consumers’ understanding of behaviorally-targeted online advertising through two qualitative, hands-on usability studies of preference-setting tools on mobile devices. A Kansas native, Stacia’s immensely grateful to have called Hawai ‘i home for 16 years. She’s worked at UH Foundation for the past 12, and since starting the CIS program she’s been a part-time graphic designer there. Her favorite days are 3-5′ & glassy.
Yinan Sun is a first-year CIS student who has yet to discover the joys of proposal writing. She is interested in cultural identity, mythology and folklore formation, and affordance. She loves photography, videography, and Japanese sci-fi.