CIS 720 Seminar- Stacia Garlach on her recent HICSS conference paper

Please join us on Nov 27th for a talk by CIS PhD student Stacia Garlach on her recent conference paper (to HICSS) and her ongoing research towards her dissertation topic.

See you in 3F Hamilton Library 4:30.


‘I’m supposed to see that?’ AdChoices Usability in the Mobile Environment
The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) recently adapted its self-regulatory notice-and-choice program to the mobile environment by creating a mobile version of its existing opt-out webpage and a new mobile app. Its AdChoices icon remains the primary means on the mobile Web of alerting consumers to the presence of behaviorally-targeted advertising. Previous research has uncovered major usability flaws in the desktop versions, so evaluating the mobile tools is prudent. Mobile devices also present unique usability challenges and afford greater opportunity for tracking consumers. A qualitative study was conducted in which participants (n=18) were given test smartphones and asked to complete three tasks corresponding to the AdChoices icon, webpage, and app. Major usability problems were found that could impact a user’s mental model of how these tools work, and the extent to which their privacy is protected. This paper presents findings from the first usability task about the AdChoices icon.