Early College

What is Early College?

Early College is an initiative that allows high school students to take college classes on their high school campus.  For the most part, students in an early college class are taught by college professors and take the class with their high school peers.  Students who successfully complete the college class receive both high school and college credit.

Early College opportunities are different at each high school.  Some high schools may be offering Early College classes as part of a pathway that leads to a college certificate or associate’s degree; other high schools may just be offering one Early College class per semester to students in a specific career academy.  In addition, some Early College classes may be free to students participating (because they’re paid by grant funding), while students in other Early College classes may be responsible for paying for tuition, fees, and books an the class themselves.  If you’re interested in learning more about what early college opportunities are available at your high school, please talk to your high school counselor.