Notice: Google@UH Storage Policy Changes

Google’s imposition of institutional storage quotas last year (i.e. no more unlimited free storage) will be enforced by Google on UH starting  January 29, 2024.

Please take action to ensure that you don't suffer from any loss of data and/or loss of access by reviewing your storage usage prior to storage quota enforcement beginning. For more information on how this change impacts you and for help with reviewing and managing your storage usage, please visit the Google@UH Storage Limitations and Quotas article

View your Research Storage Options or email with research storage questions.

About CI

At the University of Hawaiʻi (UH), the Cyberinfrastructure (CI) team within Information Technology Services is dedicated to providing comprehensive support for data-intensive research and scholarship across the UH ten campus system. Our mission is to empower researchers and scholars with state-of-the-art advanced computing resources, services, and expertise.

Our Focus

CI focuses on several key areas to support research and collaboration within the UH community:

  • Advanced Computing: We provide computing resources that go beyond traditional desktop capabilities, enabling researchers to tackle complex computational challenges and perform data-intensive analyses.

  • Data: We offer expertise and services to assist researchers in data storage, management, transfer and networking that ensures privacy and security for valuable research data.

  • Science as a Service: We provide access to advanced scientific capabilities that support the acceleration of research outcomes, foster collaborations, and enable researchers to focus on scientific inquiry.

  • Collaborative ResearchWe facilitate collaboration by creating opportunities for researchers across disciplines and campuses to share resources, tools, and knowledge, driving innovation and interdisciplinary discovery.

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