Randall and Susy Roth

University of Hawaiʻi William S. Richardson School of Law Professor Randall W. Roth, a long-time community activist, is retiring after 35 years of teaching on June 1. Roth’s publication The Price of Paradise, which detailed inequities in both laws and practices in Hawaiʻi, and Broken Trust, his scrutiny of the abuse of the trust obligations of former Bishop Estate trustees, have influenced public life and gained national recognition.

In 2000, the Honolulu Star-Bulletin named Roth to a list of “100 Who Made a Difference in Hawaiʻi During the Twentieth Century,” and five years later the City of Honolulu’s Centennial Celebration Committee included him on a list of “100 Who Made Lasting Contributions During the City of Honolulu’s First 100 Years.” Roth’s skillful treatment of complicated legal issues, particularly in the realms of trust and tax law, gained praise from such publications as Forbes Magazine and The Wall Street Journal.

UH Mānoa School of Law Dean Avi Soifer called him “a courageous, stand-up guy who has changed this whole community,” during Roth’s retirement party at College Hill. The event celebrated Roth’s distinguished teaching career and the impact he has had on Hawaiʻi.

Roth said he is not sure about his next step, but he is looking forward to this adventure. He said his years at the law school have enriched his life and the lives of his family, and that his teaching has been a labor of love because of the students and his colleagues.

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