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David Lassner

Update: The Board of Regents approved the plan at its November 15 meeting at a vote of 10-3.

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Interim Chancellor David Lassner presented an update for the proposed campus leadership reorganization that would, among other things, eliminate the chancellor position and create an academic provost position. The proposal was presented at a forum in the UH Mānoa Art Auditorium on November 2. Lassner covered the modified reorganization concepts and ideas developed from input received after the April 2018 forum and the next steps moving forward.

“This is not focused on existing organizations or existing people,” said Lassner at the start of the forum. “What we tried to do is step back and look at all of these offices and functions under the chancellor and the vice chancellors, and some of the system offices, and then construct what we thought would be a sensible way to organize those functions within the context of the reorganization.”

Go to the UH Mānoa proposed reorganization forum website to download the presentation slides and offer feedback (November 2–9).

Key objectives

The key objectives of the reorganization are strong and strategic enrollment management with a focus on recruitment and retention; meaningful integration of research and education; improved student success; to strengthen UH Mānoa’s role as a premier Asia-Pacific focused global research university; to strengthen and clarify advocacy and compliance programs; and to provide stable leadership. (see video)

Creation of UH Mānoa provost position

The UH Mānoa provost would be the chief academic officer with full responsibility for research, education and student success, with a singular focus on the success of students and faculty in education and research. (see video)

Creation of four vice provost positions

  • Vice provost of educational excellence, responsible for ensuring a portfolio of high-quality, inspiring and responsive undergraduate and graduate credential programs that prepare students for lifetime success.
  • Vice provost of research, scholarship and graduate studies, responsible for enhancing the prominence of UH Mānoa as one of the world’s premier international research universities by fully integrating education and research with a focus on the challenges and opportunities facing Hawaiʻi and the world.
  • Vice provost for student success, responsible for advancing the holistic success of all students across their academic journeys and through personal growth and development.
  • Vice provost for enrollment management (undergraduate and graduate), responsible for attracting, enrolling and helping to retain a diverse and thriving community of learners from Hawaiʻi and the world.

(see video)

Reinstating UH president as UH Mānoa CEO

Reintegrating roles of System CEO and Mānoa Campus CEO with reporting units at Mānoa, with campus responsibilities that would include:

  • Provost
  • Chief business officer
  • Equity, climate and conflict resolution (UH System and UH Mānoa hybrid)
  • VP for administration (UH System and UH Mānoa hybrid)
  • VP for information technology and CIO (UH System and UH Mānoa hybrid)
  • Intercollegiate athletics
  • Native Hawaiian place of learning
  • Campus advisory and constituent groups: Mānoa Faculty Senate, ASUH, GSO, Kualiʻi Council and Staff Council (pending)

(see video)

Next Steps

  • Continuing consultation and refinement—through early November 2018
  • Conceptual proposal to UH Board of Regents—November 15, 2018
  • Preparation of formal proposal—spring 2019
  • Implementation begins—July 2019

(see video)

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