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Kaikua in the truck

A 17-year-old Hawaiʻi Island resident who suffers from kidney disease and complications from treatment had his wish granted recently by Make-A-Wish Hawaii and a team that included about a dozen Hawaiʻi Community College Auto Body Repair and Painting (ABRP) students.

Kaikua, the Make-A-Wish recipient, wished to have his family’s 2008 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck restored. With support from Par Hawaii, Make-A-Wish orchestrated an overhaul of the truck that included major upgrades to the suspension from Top Notch Automotive, a new sound and alarm system from Car Stereo Specialists, and body work and a paint job from the Hawaiʻi CC students.

Volunteers for Make A Wish

The big reveal took place on December 5 outside the Afook-Chinen Civic Auditorium in Hilo. After Kaikua and his family arrived to a cheering, sign-waving crowd, the truck was driven into view from its hiding place and the keys were presented to Kaikua.

“I’m so grateful that they did it,” said Kaikua. “It came out really, really good. And to all those that did ‘em, they’re all legends.”

Emotional project

The reveal was the culmination of long hours in the ABRP shop where students stayed as late as 3 a.m. to make sure the project was done on time and done well.

We wanted to do everything to the best of our ability. That’s why we took so much pride and enjoyed every ounce of it. It just meant something very special to us.
—Kyren Martins

Kyren Martins, a Hawaiʻi CC student who worked on the truck, said the project felt important because Kaikua is about the same age and is going through such a big challenge.

“It was kind of emotional,” Martins said. “Honestly, it was stressful at times but in the end…we wanted to do everything to the best of our ability. That’s why we took so much pride and enjoyed every ounce of it. It just meant something very special to us.”

The students did everything from the initial evaluation to repairing the body panels, the bed and the tailgate and replacing fasteners. They also painted the truck in Toyota’s cement grey and gave it a twist by adding a sunbeam gold pearl midcoat followed by a clear coat and a ceramic coating for protection.

Eye opening experience

Hawaii C C student working on a truck

The ABRP program offers associate degrees that train students to work in collision repair and other related fields. The two professors in the program, Garrett Fujioka and Colby Koreyasu, are both alumni and worked in the industry before returning to teach.

Fujioka said the project was a valuable experience for the students that tested their knowledge.

“It’s a big experience for them, because they can work together in teams, they see the goal they want to reach, and there is a deadline,” said Fujioka.

The collaboration with Top Notch and Car Stereo Specialists also opened students’ eyes to all the career possibilities.

“I’ve heard a lot more talk from the students about avenues of entrepreneurship, employment and apprenticeship,” said Koreyasu. “I think it just adds to their passion for the automotive industry.”

—By Thatcher J. P. Moats

The Make A Wish truck

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