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From the opening embrace through the breathtaking scenery, aloha permeates University of Hawaiʻi Maui College student Ken Alba’s video, which recently won the 2023 career and technical education (CTE) student video contest. It will be showcased at the Region V Association for Career & Technical Education (ACTE) conference in Honolulu in April 2024. The region includes Guam and 16 western U.S. states.

“Since it will be viewed by a mainland audience, I wanted to open with the word ‘aloha’ and its meaning,” said Alba. “I want to show how ‘aloha’ unites us not only in terms of its literal meaning ‘breath of life’ in light of the pandemic, lockdowns and chaos, but also as a way of life, to love and care for others as well as ourselves. I also wanted to show how learning in Hawaiʻi is unique because of our environment, our community and the Hawaiian culture. Finally, I wanted to emphasize that all this is made possible by our teachers as they lay the foundation for future generations.”

Ken Alba headshot
Ken Alba

Alba will graduate from the UH Maui College Academy for Creative Media (ACM) program this spring. Alba’s instructors have been impressed with his work and drive from the start.

“Like many of our Academy for Creative Media Maui students, Ken arrived motivated to learn and already possessing a wealth of skill and ability,” said ACM Program Coordinator Brian Kohne. “He’s applied himself and taken advantage of the many talented instructors on our team, and the work for which he is now being recognized reflects dedication and acumen as a visual storyteller. His future is bright, indeed.”

This was the second year of the student video competition, open to all high school and college students in Hawaiʻi. Alba’s winning submission was shown for the first time publicly at the 2023 Hawaiʻi ACTE conference in January.

“We wanted to give insight into how fortunate we are to be able to live and learn in Hawaiʻi. What better way to do so than to see this from the eyes of our students?,” said Hawaiʻi ACTE President William Castillo. “The board and all the conference attendees were absolutely blown away by the quality and authenticity of Ken’s submission.”

Alba’s winning video can be viewed on YouTube.

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