The Administrative, Professional and Technical (APT) positions include professional, non-faculty type positions that require a baccalaureate degree such as research associates, educational specialists, administrative officers, auxiliary and facilities services officers, and human resources specialists.

The APT classification structure consists of broad career groups and descriptive functional titles. The career groups are intentionally broad and designed to be liberally interpreted to encompass a range of positions characteristic of a field of endeavor or subject area. Functional titles describe a position’s work in terms of the primary purpose, nature, complexity and role of work.

The APT positions are assigned to 1 of 4 pay bands based on work complexity and scope of responsibility.

The Vice Presidents and Chancellors are delegated authority to classify APT positions.

Career groups are groupings of APT positions that share a common focus and purpose in a particular field or discipline of work. Groupings are intentionally broad and include a wide range of APT positions, but maintain similar functionality.

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  • Academic Support
  • Allied Health and Safety
  • Athletics
  • Enterprise Operations
  • Facilities Planning and Design
  • Information Technology
  • Institutional Support
  • Instructional and Student Support
  • Legal Affairs
  • Media Design and Production
  • Physical Plant Management
  • Public Information, Public Events Planning and Publications
  • Research Support

Functional Titles

A functional title is a description of a position’s nature and function of work in accordance with the designated career group and band. A functional title may not be a working title; a functional title is reflected in the PeopleSoft system and organizational chart, while a working title is not reflected in PeopleSoft and the organizational chart. Examples:

  • Career Group: Institutional Support
    • Functional Title: HR Specialist – Responsible for human resources program administration, which may include classification and compensation, recruitment, benefits, training, and labor relations.
  • Career Group: Information Technology
    • Functional Title: Network Administrator – Provide network design, hardware and software support for network environments including computer technologies, voice, data and/or video and image technologies to users.

Positions are assigned to a band (also referred to as a pay band) based on work complexity and/or scope of responsibility. APT positions can fall under one of four bands, A, B, C and D. However, over 90% of all UH APT positions are assigned to Band A or B as these bands reflect position concepts of entry-level professional work to the fully-competent professional work to the senior and lead worker and to the working supervisor level professional work.

In general, APTs in Band A are entry level or independent workers, in Band B are fully competent professionals, senior workers or working supervisors, in Band C are supervisors or subject matter experts, and in Band D are program administrators or foremost subject matter experts.

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  • Band A – Entry/Independent Level Worker
  • Band B – Journeyworker/Senior Worker/Working Supervisor
  • Band C – Supervisor/Subject Matter Expert
  • Band D – Program Administrator/Foremost Subject Matter Expert