The University recognizes that families may face crises and problems that affect work performance. WorkLife Hawaiʻi has been contracted to provide EAP services through a voluntary program that permits employees to seek help on their own. A WorkLife Hawaiʻi counselor will meet with the employee to explore options and possible resolutions. Discussions with a WorkLife Hawaiʻi counselor are kept confidential and will not be released without prior written permission from the employee.

All regular, temporary and exempt employees, casual hires and 89-day hires are eligible for EAP services.

Services provided to family member(s) who are party to the employee’s problem may also be allowed and may be charged against the employee’s maximum number of counseling sessions.

WorkLife Hawaii services include the following per fiscal year:

  • Counseling: Up to of 3 hours with a counselor in your area at no cost to employee.
  • Legal Consultation: 30-minute office or telephone consultation with an attorney per legal matter. Additional services available at 25% discount.*
  • Mediation: 30-minute office or telephone consultation with a mediator per legal matter.
  • Financial Services: 30 minute telephone consultation with experienced and qualified financial counselors per financial issue.
  • Tax Consultation and Preparation: 30-minute telephone income tax planning related consultation; tax preparation available at a 25% discount.
  • Identity Theft Services: 60-minute consultation with a highly trained Fraud Resolution Specialist (FRS). The FRS will assist with restoring and protecting the individual’s identity.

*Employment-related legal issues are not covered.

Employees who wish to use EAP services can call WorkLife Hawaiʻi to schedule an appointment. Services are available on Oʻahu, Maui, Kaua‘i, Big Island, Moloka‘i and Lāna‘i. A copy of your current pay stub is required at the initial counseling session.

Oahu central office: 808-543-8445
Neighbor Islands: 1-800-994-3571 toll-free

When a supervisor refers an employee for counseling, the formal supervisory referral form should be completed after consulting with the HR Representative for appropriate course of action to take and whether EAP referral is appropriate.

  • Procedures for managers and supervisors are included on the first page of the formal supervisory referral form.  
  • Provide a copy of the completed and signed form to the employee.
  • Fax form to WorkLife Hawaii prior to scheduling an appointment at (808) 543-8487.

First Visit

Employees will be granted time off up to one (1) hour for the first counseling session, plus a reasonable additional amount of travel time if…

  • The visit is scheduled during working hours,
  • has prior supervisory approval,
  • and the employee provides confirmation of attendance.

Time off shall not be charged to any leave.

Follow-up Visits

Subsequent appointments shall be scheduled for non-work hours unless authorized by supervisor.

Leave shall be charged to sick, vacation, compensatory time off, or leave without pay, as appropriate.

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  • Enter the Username: worklife Password: worklifehawaii
  • The links to the newsletters will then be available in the Employees and Supervisor/Managers tabs at the top of the page