Exempt employees are those who are appointed to and who occupy a position exempted from civil service pursuant to §76-16, HRS. Exempt employees are generally considered “at will” employees; however, they may request and be granted return rights to a civil service position and some may be members of unions. Also see State of Hawaiʻi Department of Human Resources Development Policy and Procedure 1000.001, Exempt Service.


Pursuant to §89-6(f), HRS some positions (e.g. top-level managerial and administrative personnel) and some types of appointments (e.g. temporary, part-time) may be excluded from collective bargaining. Those employees, therefore, are not entitled to collective bargaining privileges, including certain rights and benefits afforded to bargaining unit members. Rights and benefits for these excluded employees are found in Board of Regents’ policies, University Executive Policies, Governor’s Executive Orders and Department of Human Resources Development Policies and Procedures, as appropriate. Also see Chapter 89C, HRS.