EM evaluations shall be conducted on an annual basis to provide feedback regarding achievement of goals and objectives, expectations, accomplishments and overall performance.

The performance evaluations period for executive and managerial (E/M) employees is April 1 to March 31 of the following year and must be completed by the end of June. E/Ms who were not in their current position on or before October 1 in the rating period are not included in the process.


  • Determine Goals and Objectives
  • Receive Written Self-Assessment
  • Gather Feedback And Discuss Performance

Determine Goals and Objectives

  1. Review, collaborate, and reach agreement with the employee on the goals and expectations for the April to March evaluation period.
  2. E/M personnel shall be evaluated on the performance criteria and the following components:
    • A review and evaluation of the goals and objectives for the evaluation period
    • A review and evaluation of the duties and responsibilities set forth in the position description
    • A review of accomplishments and effective implementation of agreed upon goals and objectives
    • Areas needing improvement and suggestions of how to improve performance in these areas
    • The consideration of 360 Performance Assessment feedback

Receive Written Self-Assesment

  1. Request a written self-assessment from E/M personnel regarding achievement of goals and objectives and other accomplishments for the evaluation year by April.

OSI will:

→ Conduct a 360-degree Survey in February/March for all E/M personnel that are evaluated.

Gather Feedback And Discuss Performance

  1. The President, Vice Presidents and Chancellors, individuals from governance groups and/or operating units with whom they regularly interact will provide written comments on the E/M personnel’s performance by the end of March.
  2. Upon receipt of all sources of feedback, conduct a meeting with the E/M employee to discuss their performance.
  3. Recommend an overall performance rating in accordance with the performance criteria to the president’s office.

The President’s Office will:

→ Conduct the final review and approval of all performance ratings. If the rating is unsatisfactory, the supervisor, in discussion with the Appointing Authority, shall take proper action.