Senators are decision-makers and influencers. Serving on the senate exposes senators to the current issues and challenges at our university, and gives them considerable voice in addressing academic governance. Senators can expect their professional circle of contacts to expand, and to learn more about UH policies, procedures, dynamics, and decision-making. Many departments include University service in tenure and promotion criteria; service on the senate is a valuable way to serve the University community.

Time Commitment

Senate meetings are generally scheduled for two hours each month.  Each senator is assigned to at least one committee, which generally meet once or twice each month, as determined by that committee.  As with most committee work, a variable amount of time is required outside of meetings on related research, communications and writing according to current issues. A reasonable estimate of time for a senator is between 5 and 10 hours per month.

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Why become a senator?

  • Nguyen
    Academic freedom is of most importance to me in our teaching as well as our research, and being surrounded by colleagues in the MFS who are committed to the same reminds me of the collective excellence of UHM. I continuously grow from the diversity of faculty voices in MFS on similar issues and topics.
    Truc Nguyen
    2019-21 SEC member
  • Irvine
    This is my third time to serve on the Manoa Faculty Senate and having that experience has allowed me to meet amazing colleagues all across campus. Participating in faculty governance also gives us a voice to influence policy decisions and give administrators a faculty perspective. You also gain valuable insights into issues on the campus.
    Christine Sorensen Irvine
    2020-22 SEC Vice Chair
  • Paul McKimmy
    Serving on the faculty senate let's me stay current on campus initiatives and keeps me involved and informed. Through senate, I also get to meet colleagues from across campus that I would otherwise never work with.
    Paul McKimmy
    2020-21 SEC Chair