Medical Exam Instructions

TO:    UH Diving Medical Examinees

FROM:   David Pence, UH Diving Safety Officer (DFP)

RE:    Scheduling Medical Examinations

UH Diving Safety Regulations require that an Initial UH Diving Medical Exam be conducted and clearance received from the examining physician  no more than 12 months prior to the start of initial in-water activities. A periodic re-exam and clearance is required thereafter, at intervals as described in the UH Diving Safety Manual. The exam must include all tests stipulated in the Manual and on the exam form. (also listed in Manual Appendix 2) and the final clearance signature must be from a licensed physician (M.D., or D.O.).  It is recommended that the MD have training or knowledge of diving and hyperbaric medicine. A list of Hawaii MD’s with this knowledge identified by UHDSP is in the UH Diving Manual, Appendix 13. For divers visiting from outside Hawaii, you may be referred to knowledgeable MD’s by calling the Divers Alert Network Medical Information Line: (919) 684-2948, ext. 222.

Divers may have the exam conducted by their personal physician if they prefer, so long as all UH Diving Medical Exam requirements are met, including listed required tests. If this is not possible or desired for some reason, UHDSP has made arrangements with the Straub Occupational Medicine Clinic to conduct exams for UH Divers at a corporate rate. Current rates for divers under the age of 40 are approximately $250 for the Initial Exam and $170 for the Periodic follow-up. Current rates for divers over the age of 40 are approximately $325 for the Initial Exam and $260 for the Periodic follow-up. Additional tests may be required by the physician to clear the patient for diving. The most common (and expensive) of these is a Treadmill Stress EKG Test (TST), which costs about $220. The TST is required by Straub MD’s as part of the first exam over age 40, and every 4 years thereafter.


How to schedule an exam at Straub Occupational Medicine Clinic:

  1. Obtain a set of UH Medical Forms: If you cannot download the forms, email UHDSP at for a set.  DO NOT USE FORMS FROM OTHER SOURCES, SUCH AS COPIED FROM STORED FILES OR FROM OLD HARD VERSIONS OF THE UH DIVING SAFETY MANUAL, as these forms may be out of date with current  policies and procedures.
  2. Complete the Medical History Section of the UH Medical Forms before going to the exam, and take all forms with you to the exam. After the exam, Straub will return the completed forms to the Diving Safety Program to be included in your permanent file. This takes about 5-8 working days after the exam.
  3. Determine Payment Method:  If a UH department is being billed, obtain a Requisition or Purchase Order number from your fiscal officer. If you are going to pay personally, you should make sure to tell the receptionist this at the time you schedule your exam. You will be asked to pay or present a PO when you arrive for the exam. Straub will accept personal checks or Credit Cards.
  4. Call the Straub Occupational Medicine Clinic  Appointments Desk at 529-4949 to schedule your exam. PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM THE GENERAL STRAUB MEDICAL CLINIC.  
    • To schedule your exam, you will need the following information: Name, Birthdate, SSN, and the desired appointment time/date, and the UH department with which you are affiliated.
    • Morning exams are best since you must fast for 12 hours prior to the appointment. It is also good to have a backup date/time in case they are full at your first choice).
    • You will also be asked whether you need an Initial or Periodic Exam. Initial Exams are required the first time, and for the first exam after age 40. Periodic Exams are required every 5 years under age 40 for most divers, and every 3 years for divers between ages 40-59 and for those divers conducting dives requiring staged decompression. Then every 2 years for ages 60 and above.

5.  Arrive 15-30 minutes early. Straub Occupational Medicine Clinic is located at 800 S. King Street, 3rd floor in Honolulu. This is on the mountain-side of King Street, just past TheBus station & Scan Design.  The exam takes 2-3 hours.

A NOTE ON PARKING: As of March 15, 2020 until further notice the Straub Occupational Medicine Clinic parking lot is being used by the Straub Medical Center for coronavirus testing.  Patients arriving for occupational exams should park at 826 S. King Street (the former Chart Rehab building) and walk over to the occupational medicine clinic.  Visitors will not be in contact with any patient being tested for the virus, since the testing is being conducted at the very back of the parking lot and security personnel will prevent anyone from entering the restricted area.  Divers being examined at the Straub clinic should arrive early in case they are not able to find parking and they might have to park at Straub Medical Center.

TO DOWNLOAD ALL MEDICAL FORMS UH Diving Medical Exam Forms (Adobe PDF)