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Logging in to Laulima

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To log in to Laulima you must have a username (user id) and password. In most of the cases, users will use their UH username and password to log in to Laulima. You can also log in to Laulima with a guest account if you do not have a UH username, if someone with the ability has created one for you.

In both cases you can go to the Laulima home page:

In the log in fields in the upper right of the page, enter your username (user id) and password, then click the "Login" button.

For those with a UH username, it is the same username you would use to log in to MyUH or UH webmail (the part of your UH email address before and password. If you cannot remember your UH username and password, you can check the UH username page and click the "Forgot your password?" link. Apologies but Laulima support cannot reset your UH username password.

For those with a Laulima guest account, the username is typically an email address external to the University of Hawai‘i (eg. a yahoo or gmail account), and a password generated by the Laulima system (unless you have change it). The system-generated password is only created when the guest account is first made, and is emailed to that account. If you forgot your guest account password, you can click the "Guest Account Password Reset" link on the left side of the Laulima page.

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