War, Language, and Un/intended Consequences: From Diderot to after WWII

November 1, 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Mānoa Campus, Hamilton Library 401 Add to Calendar

There are always consequences when different cultures interact. Sometimes things go as planned but often not as expected. Using publications and records that we take for granted, namely, dictionaries and unpublished materials, the second colloquium of the "Treasures at UH Hamilton Library" attempts to shed light and new perspectives on cultural interactions, using Asia as a case study. This colloquium will be coordinated by Tokiko Bazzell, our Japan Studies Librarian, in partnership with other Asia Collection Department librarians and archivists at UH Hamilton Library. The Treasures at UH Hamilton Library is an educational initiative, sponsored by the College of Arts & Humanities and Thomas Hale Hamilton Library. This event is open to public.

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Hamilton Library, Mānoa Campus

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Yuma Totani, (808) 956-8564, yuma.totani@hawaii.edu, http://library.manoa.hawaii.edu/index.php

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