The Last King of Bali

February 14, 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Mānoa Campus, The Kennedy Theatre Add to Calendar

Wayang Listrik Production

Shadow Theatre featuring puppets, shadow actors, dancers, and live gamelan music

Traditional Balinese folk tale adapted by I Ketut Wirtawan and I Made Moja

Directed and Produced by Kirstin Pauka Compositions and Musical Direction by I Made Widana

One night during a traditional Hindu ceremony in a community on Nusa Penida (a small neighbor island to Bali) the supernaturally power demon, Dalem Bungkut, causes chaos, disrupting the ceremony and causing sickness and misery among the people.

The village leader must travel to Bali to request the assistance of King Dalem Dimade in driving out the demon. The king agrees to help and sends his trusted minister, Jelantik Bogol, and his wife, Ayu Kaler, to challenge the demon in an epic battle of physical might, technical skill, and spiritual powers.

Will the revered Last King of Bali and his emissaries have the power to overcome the demon?

Featuring punakawan (clown characters), dramatic love scenes, and epic battles, this story comes to life through shadow puppetry, stylized acting, and dance, all accompanied by original live gamelan music.

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