Brown Bag Biography: Clive Ruggles

April 25, 12:00pm - 1:15pm
Mānoa Campus, Kuykendall 409A

“My Daughter Alice: Stalking Behavior and Victims’ Legal Protections,” Clive Ruggles, Professor Emeritus of Archaeoastronomy, University of Leicester.

Clive Ruggles’s life was transformed in 2016 when his younger daughter, Alice, a 24-year-old graduate living in Newcastle, northern England, was brutally murdered by an ex-boyfriend following a relentless campaign of stalking. Alice’s case has received widespread publicity in the UK, where it has been the subject of four TV documentaries. The case has also triggered reviews of police procedures and stimulated efforts in parliament to introduce better legal protections for victims of stalking. In this talk, Clive moves from the personal story to the lessons that must be—and are beginning to be—learned by both criminal justice and health professionals, and the public at large, in the UK and elsewhere.

Clive Ruggles is an Emeritus Professor of Archaeoastronomy at the University of Leicester in the UK. His latest book, Heiau, Aina, Lani: The Hawaiian Temple System in Ancient Kahikinui and Kaupo, Maui, co-authored with archaeologist Patrick Vinton Kirch, will be launched at this year’s Hawai‘i Book & Music Festival. Following Alice’s murder in 2016, Clive and his family set up the Alice Ruggles Trust to try to help prevent what happened to Alice happening to others by raising awareness of coercive control and stalking and their dangers, and ensuring that relevant legislation is effective and adhered to. The Trust contributes to training programs for the police, Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), probation service, judiciary, and domestic abuse case workers, developed quality-assured lesson plans on unhealthy relationships and managing unwanted attention that are freely available for PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) teachers in high-schools across the UK, and successfully campaigned in support of a Stalking Protection Bill that passed through the British Parliament during 2018 and early 2019 and has now become law.

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