Civilizing the South: Colonialism and Cultural Change in Ancient East/Southeas

March 3, 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Mānoa Campus,

This talk examines and gauges the extent to which imperial efforts were successful at “civilizing” the ancient southern frontier of the Han empire. It considers a few, key encounters of Han/Sinitic peoples with the local Vietic peoples in the ancient Nam Viet region – an area extending from modern-day Guangzhou to the Red River Delta in Vietnam. These encounters provide glimpses of the attempts made by the Han to pacify and assimilate the southernmost reaches of the empire. They give us insights into the nature of early East Asian colonization and help answer the question of whether and to what the extent military, administrative institutions from the North brought about cultural change in the South.

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Center for Chinese Studies/Department of History/International Cultural Studies Certificate Program/Center for Southeast Asian Studies , Mānoa Campus

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