Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I login to the computer?
Computer use in the labs is restricted to currently affiliated UH students/faculty/staff, other UH affiliated persons, and VIA users. You must have an UH username and password with a current active affiliation with UH or have a sponsored Visitor Internet Access (VIA) username and password. Former faculty, staff, alumni, and retirees will not be able to login and use our computers. If you have problems with your login or do not have a UH username, please see a lab monitor for assistance. If you are having problems with your VIA login and password, please contact your sponsor.


Where should I save my files?
It is recommended that you save all data to your own personal media (USB drive, CD-RW/DVD-RW, etc.) as this gives you the best protection and security against power outages and crashes. We do not recommend saving any data to the hard drive of the computer you are using as those files are removed upon logoff/restart.


Can I install software/hardware on computers in the labs?
You may use thumb drives, and other external storage devices. Feel free to ask an on-duty lab monitor for assistance with installation, if needed. Software installations require prior approval. You will need to email ITS Lab one (1) week in advance. We will then notify you with what will happen in regard to the software. Any software under consideration must have explicit licensing which allows installation in a university computer lab.


Why can't we print on both sides of the paper?
When you print on a sheet that has been previously printed on, the toner rubs off of the page and on to the rollers inside the printer. Not only will the roller transfer toner ink to other print jobs but it will also push the toner into the gears and working parts of the printer. Toner is a very fine dust and will eventually wear and jam the mechanisms inside the printer. To ensure the longevity of the printer, the lab has restricted the printing of documents on paper that has already been printed on. Only the Dell printer located in the Sinclair computer lab has a duplexing unit that allows for double-sided printing.


What exactly is "non-educational material" and what is your policy regulating its use?
Non-educational material applies to all files, programs and activities that do not pertain to education. This includes computer games of any kind, social media sites, chat rooms, and pornography. Any users found viewing such materials will be issued two warnings. Failure to abide by these warnings will result in the banning of the user from further use at the ITS Computer Labs. The lab also cautions users from viewing recreational material when the lab is busy since it keeps computers away from people with projects and papers to do. Recreational material includes personal e-mail and web browsing other than for research purposes.


What are the consequences for violating any of the stated regulations for conduct in the ITS labs?
Any user that has violated one of the regulations will be given a warning for his/her first offense. If the user commits another offense, the user may be banned from further use at the ITS Computer Labs and their UH username may be disabled until they meet with an IT security officer.


Why does the computer freeze and what can I do to fix it?
Sometimes, an error occurs that causes the computer to stop its activity. The computer automatically pauses the program or programs inflicted with the error until it can be corrected. In many cases, this conflict can be corrected by forcibly ending the program by simultaneously pressing the Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys until a window appears. The window has a list of programs on it. If a program has the tag line [Not responding], select program and press the End Task button on the window. Note that if there is no such tagline, please alert the monitor on duty for assistance. If an error message occurs while you are working on the computer, immediately seek assistance from a monitor on duty. Do not cancel the message until the monitor has looked over it.


Can you teach me how to use computers and computer programs?
The monitors can answer any computer related question to the best of his/her knowledge. The monitors will help you to the best of their knowledge, but they are not responsible for teaching. There are some computer programs or functions that the lab monitors may not be familiar with, despite its availability in the ITS Computer Labs. We will NOT do your homework assignments for you.


Where can I go if the monitors can't help me?
If the monitors are incapable of helping you with your problem(s) or they are unavailable, there are a few other options available. In general, if your problem is too technical for the monitor to answer he/she may refer you to the ITS Help Desk (956-8883), the ITS Lab webpage, or the supervisor.


How do I file a compliment/complaint?
To file a compliment or complaint with the ITS Lab Management, please use our feedback form.


How do I save my work?
Saving work in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint all use the same procedure. If you are using the Windows 10 platform:

  1. Select the File tab (located in the top left corner of the program).
  2. Then select the Save As category.
  3. Now select the corresponding drive letter (i.e D, E, F, etc.) to which you wish to save the file.
  4. Hit the Save button.DO NOT save your files to the lab computers as files cannot be retrieved! For best security and reliability save files to your own media.


Where can I get media or paper?
The ITS Labs provides paper when using the GoPrint printing station (10 cents/page). The labs do not provide media. You can, however, purchase discs or thumb drives at the UH Bookstore, located at Campus Center.


Where are the restrooms located?
Sinclair Lab:

There is a restroom located to the right of the front desk. Walk past the elevators and go down the stairwell to your left. The Men's restroom is to your right and the Women's restroom is to your left.

Hamilton Lab:

Restrooms are located in a hallway near Classroom 113. Head towards the elevators. As you pass the elevators on your left, continue walking a bit more until you see a sign hanging noting the location of the restrooms and Classroom 113. Turn left into the hallway. The first room on the left is the Men's restroom. The Women's restroom is located at the end of the hallway, last door on the left.


What can I do about other users who disrupt my work in the ITS labs?
You may contact an on-duty lab monitor about the user(s) that are disturbing you. They will be asked to stop or reduce any disruptive behavior on their part. If the user(s) in question are also violating ITS Lab policies, these users are also subject to further consequences. Any user alerting the lab monitors to any disruptive behavior will remain anonymous.