Hawaiʻi County Native Forest Dedication Program

The County of Hawaiʻi Real Property Tax Division has expanded its Native Forest Dedication Program with improved financial incentives and expanded choices for preservation and restoration projects. With five categories to choose from, dedicating land to native forest has never been easier. Eligible landowners now have more options to qualify for the property tax incentives offered by the County of Hawaiʻi Real Property Tax Division.

Check out this flowchart to see if you qualify.

In addition, the Real Property Tax Division has created new resources that are specifically designed to support Hawaiʻi County landowners who participate in this newly updated program. New resources include a native, non-native/non-invasive plant species list, a list of nurseries where native plants can be purchased, and a management plan template document that landowners can use to develop their own native forest management plan without the help of a certified natural resource management professional. To learn more about this program and what you can do to get involved, visit the County of Hawaiʻi Real Property Tax Division website.

More information can be found in the webinar above. You can also read about the background of developing this program in the Mar-Apr 2022 Ke Ola Magazine story.