Admissions Committee (Chair: Andrew Wertheimer)

The Admissions Committee coordinates all aspects of student admissions and new student orientation. Each semester, the work of the Admissions Committee begins upon initial receipt of an inquiry from a prospective student, and ends when all incoming students are successfully assigned to a faculty advisor and enrolled in their courses. The LIS Coordinator fields, responds to and tracks inquiries from prospective students, and works with the Admissions Committee to support the needs of incoming students and transition them successfully into the Program.

Assessment Committee / Working Committee on Accreditation (Chair: Rich Gazan)

The Working Committee on Accreditation includes all full-time faculty members, supported by administrative staff and student workers. The Working Committee is established roughly two years prior to each American Library Association accreditation cycle, and analyzes and distills program data and documentation to create a formal Program Presentation, demonstrating how the LIS Program meets ALA accreditation standards. The Working Committee on Accreditation hibernates after each accreditation cycle is complete; its work is continued by the Assessment Committee.

Curriculum Committee (Chair: Noriko Asato)

The primary charge of the Curriculum Committee is to assess the LIS curriculum for adherence to Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs), and to evolve the SLOs themselves. The Curriculum Committee also researches, recommends and implements changes to the LIS curriculum, and proposes courses and other educational experiences inside and outside of LIS to meet curricular objectives.

Outreach Committee (Chair: Meera Garud)

The Outreach Committee works closely with the LIS Coordinator to recruit new students, cultivate and maintain relationships with external stakeholders such as alumni and professional organizations, create professional development activities, maintain the LIS social media presence and other communications, and coordinate LIS events.

Research Committee

The Research Committee organizes the Research Forum that invites faculty, staff, students, and information professionals in the field to share exciting research projects. Two sessions are scheduled each fall and spring. The membership of the committee includes both staff and students.

Scholarship Committee (Chair: Meera Garud)

The Scholarship Committee advertises and informs LIS students about available scholarships. It works closely with faculty and UH Foundation to administer and award LIS program scholarships. It also maintains a resource page about other university, state, and national scholarships (